Strategic Perception, Inc.

The ones you'll work with …

A small group of the best and the brightest, rather than a large group of lemmings.

Bill Kenyon, Political Director

A seasoned campaign veteran — gunslinger or political vagabond, whichever you choose — Bill Kenyon joined SPI after 25 years working in both political campaigns and corporate public affairs. He has worked in every section of the country for candidates seeking every office from City Hall to the White House. He hired Fred Davis to handle the media for SPI's first presidential campaign, which he managed. Bill has more hands-on campaign experience than practically anyone in the country. A former award-winning reporter for The Dallas Morning News, Bill also spent five years heading AT&T's contract political operations in California. A native Texan, Bill returned home 10 years ago and operates out of Austin. A first time father rather late in life, Bill is now enjoying the golden window of getting both a senior and child discount at area movie theaters.

Amy Singletary, Business Manager

Raised on a farm in Hillsboro, Oregon, at 25 Amy Singletary relocated to Los Angeles to work for the founder of B.U.M. Equipment. She met Fred Davis when his firm took over marketing for the apparel giant and he chose her to head the ad department. After B.U.M. she worked as liaison for 26 network affiliates at Fox Sports, creative director for Billboard Entertainment, handled public appearances for some of the NHL's top athletes, and as marketing director for All Star Hockey & Sports. The restless woman finally landed back with Fred at SPI in 1998 and we won't let her leave. She runs company operations and is involved in the creative "unusual thoughts" process that has led to the successes of SPI's political and corporate friends. As long as client bills are paid up, a call from Amy is a joy to behold. She's married to one of Fred's life-long best friends.

Jill Bader, Director of Strategic Partnerships

What do Girl Scouts and Fred Davis have in common? Jill Bader. The proudest product of Nashville that man has ever witnessed, she gushes over her alma mater Wake Forest as well, and claims to excel at sampling Wisconsin cheese curds. This gregarious world traveler came to SPI via the hallowed halls of the U.S. Senate. Press was her game, battling or charming reporters dependent upon the day. Also government affairs, crisis communications, campaign management, event planning and candidate recruitment. As communications director for the Republican State Leadership Committee, she helped down ballot candidates in 50 states prepare for the gauntlet of politics. Beat that for experience. Oh, and the Girl Scouts? SPI's own Thin Mint connoisseur helped manage their nationwide 100th anniversary celebration. Finally, Jill's simply the nicest, most honorable person you've ever met: Pollyanna 2015.

Tammi Taggart, Director of Production

A sure sign of mental instability: Tammi has worked for SPI not once, but twice now. This native Californian came to us in 2002 after a stint in Washington, D.C., where she received her Master's degree in Political Management from The George Washington University. She left to become a mother of two, then much like a bad habit she can't kick, we managed to pull her back in. She now serves as our Director of Production, managing and organizing all SPI production from California. Tammi lives in Ventura County with her two beautiful children and her incredibly hot firefighter husband, Charlie, and we believe her to be the only remaining Miami Dolphins fan left on the planet. She added the part about Charlie.

Christine Burroughs, Office Manager

Which is more thrilling, working for the world's top politicians, or working for one the world's top former mob bosses? And the difference would be . . . ? Born and raised in Southern California, she began her career as an administrative assistant at Billboard Entertainment Marketing. From there she joined the mob, eight years as executive assistant to Michael Franzese, former caporegime in the Colombo crime family. Franzese, after serving 10 years behind bars, had several businesses, including the production of a major pay-per-view concert, written and directed by . . . Fred Davis. So, Fred made Chrissy an offer she really couldn't refuse and she left one mob for ours. Chrissy and her husband, Chris, have two grown daughters, Yvonne and Alisa, and are the proud grandparents of grandsons Travis Christopher and Andre Manuel. Chrissy is armed 24/7 with her 145 lbs. Bullmastiff, Sancho, so she no longer needs to live in the Witness Protection Program.

Dianne Severson, Production Supervisor

Okie born, Cajun raised and Texas baked, she's come full circle back to Tulsa. Dianne Severson has worked 25 years as a gun for hire. North to south and coast-to-coast, producing television ads of every size and scope imaginable: Kodak, Nike, Budweiser, Mobil Oil, U.S. Navy, McDonald's and Volkswagen to name a few. BUT, she'd never experienced anything like a political season at SPI, skydiving and raising teenagers couldn't compare to the adrenaline rush of politics. First helping us with John McCain's presidential in 2008, back for more in 2010, she finally bit hard on the hook in 2015 and is here to stay.

Tim Rogers, Production Coordinator

We'd interviewed seemingly hundreds for the job. Mostly in Hollywood, as we wanted big-time production experience. All would go well, and then we'd mention the job required a move to Tulsa. Palm trees to snow storms? No thanks! Then, came a miracle. The one person we really wanted. The one with years of experience in the film and television industry, who admitted that in his heart-of-hearts he really WANTED a job in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but knew that would never happen. Hell froze over. The angels sang. And wickedly dry-witted Tim returned home to Tulsa . . . with us.